The Healthiest Protein Bars You Can Buy At The Grocery Store


RXBARs are known for their simple, clean ingredient list. They typically include egg whites, nuts, and dates.

LÄRABAR Protein:

LÄRABAR Protein bars are made with minimal ingredients, often including nuts, dates, and pea protein.

Kind Protein Bars:

Kind Protein Bars usually have a combination of nuts and protein sources like whey or pea protein. T

Clif Builder's Protein Bar:

Clif Builder's Bars are designed to provide a good source of protein for those with active lifestyles.

NuGo Slim:

NuGo Slim bars are low in sugar and high in protein, often using ingredients like whey protein and fiber to create a satisfying snack.

Quest Protein Bar:

Quest bars are popular for their high protein content and low sugar. They often use a blend of whey and milk protein isolates.

Oatmega Protein Bars:

Oatmega bars use whey protein from grass-fed cows and include omega-3-rich fish oil.

Plant-Powered Bars:

Kashi's GOLEAN Plant-Powered Bars are plant-based and made with ingredients like nuts, seeds, and pea protein.

Organic Fit High Protein Bar:

These bars are plant-based, organic, and contain ingredients like pea protein, nuts, and fiber.

Perfect Bar:

Perfect Bars are refrigerated bars made with nut butter, honey, and a blend of superfoods.

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