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Body Awareness

Focus on the rhythm of your breathing, the feeling of your ribcage expanding, or any other sensations in your body.

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Breathing Exercises

A powerful yet simple exercise is focusing on your breathing. Make sure you’re sitting in a comfortable position in a quiet place, then breathe in for three seconds, and then exhale for three seconds.

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Stretching Exercises or Yoga

Another way to bring your awareness to your body is through gentle stretching, or yoga. You can do this at home in your room, or on a mat in the gym, using the array of instructional videos available online.

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Guided Meditation

Guided meditation can involve a combination of techniques, from breathing exercises, to visualization or simple awareness of the body, while being guided step-by-step.

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Being Fully Present

Whereas the previous practices were about stillness and self-awareness, this one encourages us to be fully present in the moment, regardless of our activity.

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Mindful Eating

A fun way to anchor us into the present moment is through mindful eating. By focusing on our senses – the flavors, the colors and textures of the food – we are able to increase our enjoyment of the meal before us, as well as calm our nerves and find beauty in the present.

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Mindful Walking

A mindful walk is a powerful way to restart our mood and mindset: the combination of endorphins from physical activity, the relaxing effect of mindfulness

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Mindful Gratitude

Another form of mindfulness is becoming aware of any negative thought spirals we have, and rewiring our focus to the positive aspects of our lives.

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Mindful Journaling

It can boost self-awareness, ease tension, improve mental clarity, and most importantly, bring our awareness to the present by creating a safe space within the pages of our journal.

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