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Tinted Windows Beyond the Limit

Tinted windows can offer a sleek, mysterious look and provide privacy for passengers. Just be sure to check your local laws to ensure compliance with permissible tint levels.

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Loud Exhaust Systems

Aggressively loud exhaust systems can be exhilarating for performance enthusiasts, as they provide a distinctive growl and add an auditory dimension to the driving experience. However, these exhaust systems often exceed noise regulations.

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Stretched Tires and Cambered Wheels

Stretched tires, which are narrower than the wheel rim, combined with cambered wheels, create a unique and striking visual effect. This modification is often associated with the “stance” scene.

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Air Suspension Systems

Air suspension systems allow drivers to lower their vehicles to the ground for that ultra-sleek and slammed appearance. While these modifications can be visually stunning and provide an adjustable ride height, they may violate ride height regulations and make everyday driving impractical.

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Underglow and Neon Lights

Underglow and neon lighting kits add an electrifying and futuristic vibe to cars at night. These modifications can be illegal due to color restrictions and their potential to distract other drivers.

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Extreme Camber

Extreme negative camber, where the top of the wheels tilts inward, creates a distinctive and unconventional look. While it’s detrimental to handling and tire wear, it’s embraced by some for its bold and avant-garde appearance.

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Rolling Coal Truck

Rolling coal is a modification where diesel trucks are intentionally altered to emit large plumes of black smoke from the exhaust pipes.

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 License Plate Covers

License plate frames, while seemingly harmless, can sometimes violate state laws. Some states have specific regulations about how much of the license plate can be covered or obscured by frames or covers.

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Police Lights

Misusing these lights can lead to confusion on the road, pose a risk to public safety, and result in legal consequences.

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