If you aren’t hungry in the morning start by having something. Even having a banana with peanut butter is better than nothing.

Eat a Good Breakfast

The amount of water you should be drinking varies based on the weather, your activity level, and how much your body needs.

Drink More Water

Maybe you have plans to hang out with friends but you had a horrible day and know that socializing isn’t going to be a positive change in your day.

Prioritize What You Need

Movement is a game changer. A simple walk can change your energy for the day, give you motivation to stay up and get things done, and it’s good for you.

Make Time for Movement

This can be a place where you track what you have been doing everyday and how it has affected your day and mood.

Keep a Journal

Sometimes it is nice to shut off your mind and laugh at some videos, but not all the time.

Limit Mindless Scrolling

Forming a habit is difficult! It isn’t your significant others, friends, or family’s responsibility to cheer you on along the way.

Be Your Own Cheerleader

Maybe your body needs more fruits and veggies? Protein? Healthy fats? Your body responds in certain ways when you are missing something.

Understand Your Body

Maintaining your boundaries can be a challenge if you’re a ‘yes’ person. If you are on a journey to forming new, good habits you may need to set different boundaries.

Maintain Boundaries

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