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Not Prepping Ingredients Before Cooking

It may seem more efficient to chop vegetables and measure ingredients as you cook, but in reality, it's the exact opposite.

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Storing Tomatoes In The Fridge

Ever complained that tomatoes are mealy? Well, if you store in them in the fridge, it's partially your fault.

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Stirring Too Frequently

If you want to get a golden brown exterior on meat and veggies, the best way to accomplish that is just to let them cook on their own.

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Crowding Your Pan

All food contains water that gets drawn out during cooking. Leaving enough space between each piece allows the water to quickly evaporate.

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Cooking Steak Straight From The Fridge

You gotta give your meat a chance to come to room temperature before it hits the grill.

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Using Dull Knives

vNews flash: dull knives are actually more dangerous than sharp ones. Attempting to saw through a tomato with an unsharpened knife increases the risk of injury.

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Not Labeling And Dating Your Leftovers

Don't risk eating expired food. Don't let your leftovers turn into moldy mystery meals. Keep a roll of masking tape in your kitchen and just add a date.

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Buying Ground Black Pepper

Spices have aromatic oils that start to dissipate as soon as they're ground, and black pepper is no exception. The pre-ground stuff in the spice aisle is already lacking in flavor on the shelf.

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Grinding Your Own Salt

We're dying on this hill. Salt is a mineral, which means it doesn't lose its flavor when it's ground. Your salt mill may look fancy, but it doesn't do anything other than make your life harder.

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