Ice Cream

When it's time to cozy up on the couch after dinner for your favorite show, a pint of ice cream may be your dessert of choice.

Potato Chips

Most bags of potato chips have higher levels of sodium and little to no fiber, while some also contain artificial flavors and colors.

Tortilla Chips

Whether you're buying tortilla chips at the grocery store or enjoying a bowl of extra salty ones at your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, this snack is better consumed in moderation when you can.

Instant Ramen

There's much to be adored about instant ramen. It's cheap, delicious, and comforting after a long night out or on a cold wintery night.

Store-Bought Cake

We always recommend making your desserts at home when you have the time. For some healthier (but still delicious) cakes, check out these recipes.


Depending on the type of cracker you buy, this snack can either be fiber-rich or one that is entirely void of nutrients.

Processed Red Meat

Processed red meat is any type of red meat (think pork, beef, lamb) that has been cured or preserved in any way.


Pretzels have the opportunity to be a healthy snack, with plenty of brands making nutrient-rich options for their customers.

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