8 Timeless Hairstyles for Black Women Over 50

Tapered Cut

The curved cut is a beautiful, classic style that works well if you have short hair that you want to style.

French Braid

The great thing about a French braid is that it works on any hair texture.

High Ponytail

The look right now is a long ponytail with braids. It gives your hair a little or a lot of length, based on how you like it, and it works for all hair types and thicknesses.

Cropped Cut

This short cut is perfect for the carefree naturalista who wants a low-maintenance style. It is bold and doesn't try to hide how beautiful it is.


Locs are so flexible and can be easy to take care of. Whether you choose real locs or fake ones, you have a lot of options.


A wig can help provide a temporary style change in a matter of minutes, and we love Berry's curly wig.


The braids frame her face perfectly without overwhelming her features.

The TWA (Teeny Weenie Afro)

"The Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)" For many black women, going back to their original hair texture is like coming of age or a rite of passage.