8 Things Costco Members Can Get for Free

Costco is many people’s favorite warehouse store and for good reason. After all, where else can you find bargain-priced high-quality baked goods, super-cheap jumbo hot dogs and some of the hottest giftable items all in one place?

If you want your vehicle’s tires to last, you need to regularly rotate them and keep them balanced to ensure even wear.

1. Lifetime tire maintenance

No need to make a separate visit to an audiologist. Costco members are entitled to free hearing tests at warehouse clubs that have a hearing center.

2. Hearing tests

In many cases, follow-up visits can be completed remotely via a smartphone or tablet, and adjustments made in the comfort of your home

3. Hearing aid care

Fortunately, if you purchased that item from Costco, free technical support is just a phone call away.

4. Tech support

If certain tech items stop working completely, Costco will repair, replace or refund your money up to two years from the date of purchase if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired

5. Extended warranties

Since many Costco products are jumbo-sized, you may expect to have to pay jumbo shipping prices if you order online.

6. Delivery

Costco will provide a shipping label and refund any shipping and handling fees along with the purchase price. Online orders can also be returned at a warehouse.

7. Returns

This final freebie is only available to Executive Members, but depending on your spending habits, it can be more than enough to cover the membership fee.

8. Cash back