Multiple Blue Rings


Medium Cut with Chunky Swoopy Layers

As well as offering instant volume and dimension, swoopy layers put a contemporary twist on the traditional shag cut.

Blue Rings

Blonde Shag with Emphasized Layers

Pronounced layers providing showy jagged edges is the main attraction of this modern shag that is additionally upgraded with subtle highlights and downlights.

Blue Rings

Medium Cut with Cropped Top

Hair cut with high layers and thinned longer down the ends might seem a little too Carol Brady. However, if done by a professional, it can also take the weight off of heavy hair or give thin hair a new lease on life.

Blue Rings

Over 40 Modern Shoulder-Length Shag

Modern shag ticks all boxes when it comes to popular low-maintenance hairstyles. Pick a flattering shag for your hair type and preferred length.

Blue Rings

Medium Brunette Shag with Thick Bangs

The face-framing layers of this shag with bangs do a fabulous job of accentuating the model’s high cheekbones and make her look like a sultry, sexy movie star.

Blue Rings

Medium Two-Layer Cut

If you’re in search of a shag haircut that’s stylish and modern, look no further than a two-layer feathered cut with a little bit of crunchy poof at the top.

Blue Rings

Forward-Swept Straight 

A forward-swept shag is a perfect choice for thin hair because the various layers work in tandem to create a sense of lift and volume.

Blue Rings

Feminine Feathered Shag for Medium Hair

A center part and feathered waves of the copper-toned shoulder-length shag are ultra-feminine and easy to style.

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