Multiple Blue Rings


Twisted High Top

If you thought long, textured locks on top were cool, try adding a cool design or two into the mix and watch the hair sparks really fly.

Blue Rings

Designed Mohawk for Black Men

Take your faux hawk fade to new heights by throwing in a cool shape or line on the side. Let your hair be your wearable art and an avenue where you express your creativity.

Blue Rings

Black Boxy High Top Cut

Some black male hairstyles don’t need to be groomed or touched too often.

Blue Rings

African-American Curly Low Fade

The best part about rocking curls is, well, rocking curls. Don’t hide your natural ringlets! Let them grow out and apply some styling gel to keep them looking great throughout the day.

Blue Rings

Clean Black Fade with 360 Waves

The most stylish black men’s hairstyles are classic styles with small individual touches like a temple and nape fade, line up, shaved design, etc.

Blue Rings

African-American Burst Fade

Natural afros have been in since 1960. Embraced and popularized by music and movie legends, the afro has deservedly become one of most loved black classic style.

Blue Rings

Angular Line up

You’ve probably seen a lot of fades with designs carved around the sides or back of the head. Well, why don’t you break the mold and try throwing your creativity to the front of the house,

Blue Rings

African-American Undercut

Get a little crazy with your hair and let it grow out nice and long – like, really long. You’d be surprised what wild, free locks can do for your look and self-esteem.

Blue Rings