Multiple Blue Rings


Short Spiky Quiff

Short, spiky and expertly coiffed, this Quiff haircut combines the best of both worlds, as it is somehow messy and sleek all at once.

Blue Rings

High Pompadour Quiff

There is something so retro, sexy and all around badass about a pompadour, so when you combine it with the classic Quiff, the result is amazing.

Blue Rings

Extreme Spiked Quiff

When you think of Quiff haircuts, many modern versions look like this one. Here, the hairdo is extremely spiked in the top, so it largely resembles the punk rock look of the Mohawk.

Blue Rings

Disheveled Quiff

For men, the modern Quiff can look any way you like, even if you prefer to wear it short and a little messy-looking.

Blue Rings

Spiky Quiff with Faded Sides

The Quiff hairstyle is the one that allows you to play with the sides. You can opt to wear them totally full, closely clipped or faded, like seen here.

Blue Rings

Extra Voluminous Feathered Quiff

Definitely for the daring guys out there, this extreme Quiff is totally amazing! Incorporating a little bit of rockabilly, a little bit of punk rock, and a whole lot of edge, this modern Quiff looks stunning from every angle.

Blue Rings

Neat and Polished Quiff

If you have been wearing a discreet haircut and decided to try a men’s Quiff now, you’ll need to let the top section of your hair to grow out first.

Blue Rings

Dramatic Quiff

By simply incorporating a little texture into your male Quiff hairdo, you can make it look thicker and better-looking.

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