10 Lifestyle Choices of Baby Boomers That Spark Debate

Prioritizing Homeownership Over Renting

Baby boomers have long been champions of the “American Dream,” where homeownership is seen as a key milestone.

Traditional Work Ethic

Boomers are often characterized by a strong work ethic, loyalty to employers, and a clear separation between work and personal life.

Reliance on Single-Use Plastics

Raised in an era when plastic was celebrated for its convenience and innovation, many boomers continue to use single-use plastics, from shopping bags to straws.

Traditional Banking and Cash Use

Baby boomers tend to show a strong preference for traditional banking methods and the use of cash over digital payment platforms.

Car-Centric Lifestyle

Baby boomers grew up during the golden age of the automobile, leading to a strong preference for personal car ownership and a driving-centric lifestyle.

The "Me" Generation Perception

Boomers have often been labeled the “Me” generation, criticized for prioritizing personal fulfillment and material success over communal well-being.

Resistance to Retirement

Many boomers are choosing to work beyond the traditional retirement age, driven by a desire to stay active, financial necessity, or a lack of sufficient savings.

Conventional Health and Wellness Approaches

Baby boomers tend to adhere to more traditional health and wellness practices, often showing skepticism towards alternative medicine, mental health awareness, and holistic approaches embraced by younger generations.

Suburban Living Preferences

The post-war suburban boom was primarily driven by boomers, with many still preferring the suburban lifestyle.

Conservative Financial Strategies

Boomers are often more conservative in their financial investments and savings strategies, favoring stability over risk.