Kids who are bullied are way more likely to struggle with depression, anxiety, panic disorders, and even PTSD later in life.

Wrecked mental health

Bullying destroys a kid’s sense of trust, not just in their peers, but in the world itself.

Inability to trust

Bullies love to tear down confidence. Years of being told you’re ugly, stupid, or unlovable can create a deep-rooted sense of worthlessness that’s incredibly hard to shake.

Feelings of worthlessness

Learning to step out of isolation, even in small ways, is important. Joining groups or activities based on shared interests helps foster new connections.


Bullied kids might struggle academically, skip school, or drop out altogether. This limits their future career options and overall potential.

Lack of formal education

The stress of bullying isn’t just mental. It can cause physical problems like headaches, stomachaches, sleep issues, and a weakened immune system – effects that might stick around.

Regularly feeling unwell

To cope with the pain, victims of bullying sometimes turn to drugs or alcohol as an escape. This is a dangerous path that creates even more issues.

Substance Abuse as an Escape

Insecurity, poor social skills, and difficulty handling authoritycan make holding a job – let alone building a successful career – incredibly difficult.

Job Struggles

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Anger issues

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