Special materials help prevent bacterial buildup. This is especially useful in saving time between flight cleanups.

Toilet in the Bathroom

A recent YouGov survey showed 38% of Americans don’t wash their hands every time they use the bathroom.

Hand Washing

A surprising number of Americans urinate in the shower (62%). Interestingly, the percentage increases with income level.

A Not-So-Clean Shower

Most Americans are taught not to urinate in the pool from their very first swimming lesson.

In the Pool

Good hygiene usually means bathing daily, but according to a YouGov study, about a third of Americans don’t.

Bathe Daily or Not

You might think only kids pick their noses, but almost half of American men and a third of American women admit they sometimes indulge in this bad habit.

Nose Picking

Bidets are common in much of the world, and the idea of toilet paper is unsanitary.

No Bidets

In many Asian cultures, wearing your outside shoes inside is frowned upon. But, in the U.S. many people wear their shoes inside.

Wearing Shoes Indoors

Many Americans choose to shower in the morning before work, and fewer partake in evening bath rituals.

Bathing Before Bed

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