10 Tips for Making At-Home Cooking Even Healthier

One of the easiest ways to make at-home cooking more mindful is to simply add more vegetables to recipes.

Add Vegetables

Cooking more mindful meals at home is a lot easier when the meal is already made, so plan meals out ahead of time and cook bigger batches of recipes so you have plenty of leftovers to freeze and enjoy later.

Batch Cook

Frozen fruits and vegetables are picked and flash frozen at the peak of freshness, so if you cannot make it to the farmers market once a week, stock your freezer with frozen produce like blueberries, broccoli, carrots, corn, peas, raspberries, and strawberries.

Buy Frozen

These methods all require fewer cooking oils or sprays so you can enjoy your food without having to add additional ingredients.

Choose a Healthier Cooking Method

Once you have selected a cooking method, choose an oil that will best work for your cooking technique. For example, refined avocado oil like this one from west~bourne is best for high-heat cooking methods like baking, searing, sauteing, and roasting

Consider Cooking Oils Carefully

When baking, use real food options like arrowroot, chia seeds, and honey to fill up your baked goods with better-for-you ingredients.

Elevate Baked Goods

Think of foods like big hearty salads or fresh fruits or go ahead and combine both. Be sure to thoroughly wash all fresh fruits and vegetables before enjoying them.

Enjoy Foods Raw

A slow cooker is an incredibly versatile kitchen appliance and can make a variety of recipes including classic chilis, soups, and stews, but it can also whip together desserts and other entrées like pulled pork or short ribs, among so many others.

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