10 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair To Do in Just A Few Minutes

1. Trendy Bow Hairdo. 

It takes some practice, but it will completely amaze everyone. All you have to do is separate a low ponytail, loop its portions, and cover a hair elastic.

2. Massive Side Braid Updo. 

Braids are one of the most popular simple hairstyles for long hair, and this variation takes just a little precision while braiding and wrapping the ends into a loose side bun.

3. Easy Formal Updo. 

Some of today's updos may not seem to be easy long hairstyles, yet they are. A loose upbraid updo will look beautiful yet relaxed.

4. Cinnamon Roll Easy Work Hairstyle. 

You'll need all of your pins for this one. Just keep in mind to attach each component so that the finished bun does not break apart.

5. Quick Bridal Updo for Wavy Hair. 

This hairdo is ready in a few simple steps. However, it will be much simpler if you have someone to assist you here. Especially if it's your special day. Everything must be flawless.

6. Simple Bubble Pony Half-Up Hairdo. 

There are several step-by-step simple hairdo tutorials on YouTube for styles like this one, but it's relatively self-explanatory and shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to complete.

7. Easy Everyday Braid and Pony. 

Among several basic hairstyles for long straight hair, this one just adds a lacy side braid to your typical pony, which is really simple to do.

8. Cute and Easy Long Boho Style. 

A crown of two hefty braids, elegantly unkempt, is always fashionable. It works well on both naturally wavy and flat iron curls.

9. Simple Romantic Hairstyle. 

This Belle-inspired style from "Beauty and the Beast" is simple to replicate. Perform a basic half-up. Make another below and pull the previous one through.

10. Messy Halo Braid for Thick Hair. 

If you don't mind a bohemian mood, go for fast hairstyles for long hair centered on a messy halo braid accented with some tresses falling down.

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