10 Annoying Trends That Gen Zs Wish Millennials Would Stop

Working for Money and Not Passion

A trend that Generation Z finds particularly bothersome about Millennials is their tendency to prioritize earning money over following their passions.

Being Social

Gen Zs often find it annoying how Millennials seemingly cannot function without social media. For Millennials, social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become integral to their social lives.

Cancel Culture

Millennials’ propensity to embrace and fuel “Cancel Culture” is a trend many Gen Zs would like to extinguish

Fashion Trends

The first annoying trend that Generation Z wishes Millennials would stop is their obsession with specific outdated fashion trends.

Man Buns

One of the fashion trends that Generation Z finds particularly grating is the ‘Man Bun.’ Originating from the hipster culture Millennials embraced so fervently, they see the man bun as an outdated and overdone hairstyle.

The “I Hate My Kids” Mentality

While it’s true that parenting is not always a bed of roses, Gen Zs find the Millennial tendency to grumble about their children on social media quite disturbing constantly.

The ‘Harry Potter and ‘Star Trek’ Franchises

One trend that Generation Z wishes Millennials would let go of is their unfaltering obsession with the ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Star Trek’ franchises.

The “I Know More Than You Do Because Im Older” Card

One of the most irritating trends Gen Z has noticed from Millennials is the frequent use of the “I Know More Than You Do Because I’m Older” card.

Slipping the Word “Adulting” in Conversations

Gen Zs have often expressed annoyance when Millennials insert the term “adulting” into their conversations.

Side Part Hairstyles

One trend that Gen Z wishes millennials would retire is the side part hairstyle. This hairdo, once considered chic and sophisticated, is now seen by the younger generation as outdated and overly formal.