Pet Urine Treatment and Stain Removal in Newport News, VA

Stain Removal

Kelley Carpet Cleaning offers homeowners a quality service of pet urine treatment and stain removal in Newport News VA. It doesn’t matter if you have odor issues, a hundred little stain or just one great big one, our expert professionals will get the stains out for you. We combine our vast experience and premium equipment together into an ally that you can trust to get the job done right the first time.

No one likes to live or work around stains and bad odors. You need to understand that you’re not just doing a favor by getting rid of those pesky issues in your home, you’re helping everyone who walks in as well. Being the the renowned stain removal company, Kelley Carpet Cleaning has the solution for you. We specialize in stain and odor removal and have a top of the line equipment for both needs.

Our professionals provide pet urine treatment in Newport News VA for people that are sensitive to chemicals used in other company’s standard services. Regardless of the cause of the stain and odor, whether they are from pets, leaks, previous damage to the house, spills etc. Kelley Carpet Cleaning has a solution for you.

Our Knowledge & Expertise.

With years of experience, we understand the science behind the odor and stains. Thus, we are able to provide you with the best possible chances of removing 99% of stains and odor without any trace, using the eco-friendly pet odor and stain removers.

Be assured that we have the knowledge to deal with the most difficult odor and stains very successfully, some stains do require a lot of patience and persistence.

Stain Removal

Why Choose Us:

  • We are licensed and insured
  • We use certified equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • We offer set appointments.
  • We guarantee our work.
  • We are experienced, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly carpet and upholstery cleaners.

Call us today if you are in search of professional stain removal in Newport News. Kelley Carpet Care provides effective stain removal in Newport News, Yorktown, Williamsburg, and all nearby areas.

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