Searching For Reliable Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning in Newport News, VA?

With the high humidity, we have in Virginia, why do so many carpet cleaners use lots of hot water for carpet cleaning? It’s not needed to clean it. It will only cause mold and rot growth. Kelley Carpet Cleaning offers dry carpet cleaning to our customers since 2012. There are many benefits of having a Low Moisture carpet Cleaning in Newport News, VA.

So, What Are The Benefits of Hiring Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning in Newport News, VA?

In this digitalized world people often search for low moisture cleaning services on the Internet. But don’t know what are the benefits and why it is a good choice for the residents in Virginia.

Benefits of Low Moisture Cleaning:

  • Improves Carpet Appearance using very less Water
  • Carpet Stays Cleaner For Longer Period
  • Faster Cleaning and Quick Drying Time
  • Reduced Structural Risk

The low moisture cleaning method utilizes cleaning compounds. They are mixed with water and sprayed onto the carpet gently. The presence of moisture in the carpet is enough to make the cleaning agents work and mix with the soil. The cleaning mixtures get activated and loosen up the dirt soil and other contaminants. The brush in the machine removes the unwanted particles from the carpet. The dirt that still resides in the carpet can be removed by using encapsulating cleaning agents.

Reasons to Choose Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

  • Eco-friendly - uses less water than hot water extraction
  • Eliminates any chance for a cleaner residue to attract any dirt after cleaning
  • Dries faster than hot water extraction
  • Safe for all types of carpet
  • Allows you to lock up the building while you're working - helpful for banks and other high-security workplaces

Kelley Carpet Cleans More Than 1000 Homes Every Year

At Kelley Carpet Cleaning, you will have peace of mind. Not only do you get a cleaner carpet, but we also guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services. We perform a inspection after the cleaning, to ensure you are happy. If for any reason you have any concern, we will make it out #1 priority to return your place and make it right at no additional charges.

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