Looking For Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Newport News, VA?

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Maintaining a clean and sanitized carpets in your commercial environment is a massive task to accomplish. But, with the help and advice of an expert providing commercial carpet cleaning in Newport News, VA cleaning can be carried out quickly and thoroughly. We, at Kelley Carpet Cleaning, are the experts providing high-quality commercial cleaning for businesses and commercial facilities in Newport News and nearby locations in Virginia.

Benefits You Get From Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

• Your employees or customers will take less sick leaves
• Save you both money and time in cleaning workplace
• Attracts more customers by creating a first positive impression
• Reduces health issues, improving indoor air quality
• A healthier business environment with the fast drying process

With our commercial carpet cleaning services, you will get a guarantee on having your commercial facility properly cleaned and protected. We not only aim to maintain a healthy work environment but also ensure to extend the life of your expensive carpet fibers. There are many commercial facilities including offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other establishments rely on us for providing the best solutions for commercial carpet cleaning in Newport News, VA.

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaners Deliver Presentable Business Environment!

We have a team of well-trained and experienced commercial carpet cleaners providing thorough cleaning in Newport News, VA. Our commercial carpet cleaning process includes:

Step 1: Pre-Inspection
Step 2: Vacuuming
Step 3: Pre-Conditioning
Step 4: Pre-Spot
Step 5: Agitation
Step 6: Soil Extraction
Step 7: Post-Spot Cleaning
Step 8: Post-Groom
Step 9: Post-Inspection

Throughout our carpet cleaning process, we ensure to prevent your carpet from damaging. We use eco-friendly carpet cleaning method to provide long-lasting carpets. Also, we promote a healthier business environment for your customers and employees.

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100% Guarantee On Commercial Carpet Cleaning Results!

For us, your satisfaction matters the most! So, we provide quality service of commercial carpet cleaning in Newport News, Yorktown, and Williamsburg area. Get in touch with us at (757) 504-2267 to get a free carpet cleaning estimate.