5 Easy Steps on How to Get Dried Dog Poop Out of Carpet 

Dogs and kids are the two greatest happiness in life. However, they also represent the greatest threat to the wellbeing of carpet in the house. Both kids and pets often have various incidents which lead to destructive results of your valuable carpets. Usually, dogs use your carpet as a toilet when you are not at home, so every pet-owner should learn how to get dried dog poop out of carpet.  

It is very important to act quickly! When your dog has had an accident on the carpet. You will be amazed to know that your carpet can be restored with the means that are available in your home.

Steps on How to Get Dried Dog Poop Out of Carpet.   

Step 1: Extract The Solid Waste

Firstly, grab some paper towel and then scrape the mess onto a plastic dustpan. Then toss away the cleaned-up mess in a plastic sealable trash bag. Make sure you do not blot the stained area until you clean it. This is an important point to note because you can force the excrement into the fibers of the carpet during blotting. 

Then trash the dirty paper towels. Once you have removed the majority of the mess from the carpet, grab a dull knife and lift the left out dried feces from the carpet.  

Step 2: Pre-Treating The Stained Area

Carpet poop Stains

Now, spray the stained area using a pre-treatment laundry product that contains an oxygen bleach; let it sit as you mix up the new cleaning solution.

Step 3: Soak The Stain

Make a solution in a bucket

Take a bucket and make a solution by mixing distilled water, with 2 tablespoons of liquid laundry detergent to make suds. Then, soak the area with the solution and leave it for at least 10 minutes. 

Step 4: Scrub The Area

Scrub the stain

Now, dip the soft bristle brush or scrub in the sudsy water and apply it to the stained area in the carpet. Repeatedly scrub the stain until it goes. Make sure you start working from the outer area of the stain to the inside area. 

Step 5: Rinse The Area

When done with scrubbing, rinse the bucket to remove the soapy residue and refill with distilled water. Now rinse the area and get rid of any remaining detergent in the carpet. Once the detergent is gone, blot the rinsed area with paper towels or a soft cloth to remove excess moisture. 

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These were the simple steps on how to get dried dog poop out of carpet. The ingredients you will be needing to clean the mess will be easily available in your home. If you have any other questions, you can get in touch with our professionals at Kelley Carpet Cleaning. 

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