Our 9 Steps Cleaning Process

  • Step 1: Pre-Inspection – identify type of carpet, difficult stains and discuss expected results
  • Step 2: Vacuum – area to be cleaned will be thoroughly vacuumed using proper vacuuming techniques.
  • Step 3: Pre Spray – top quality pre-condition is applied to break and suspend soil, this also begin the emulsification process.
  • Step 4: Pre Spot – Difficult stains will be treated with specialized solution to increase possibility of removal
  • Step 5: Agitation – Carpet will be thoroughly brushed with latest encapsulation using an approved professional brush to loosen soil from deep in carpet
  • Step 6: Soil Extraction - Our professional rotary machine and moistened pad is used to absorb the suspended soil
  • Step 7: Post Spot Cleaning - if any stains remains they will be treated again with spotting solution
  • Step 8: Post Groom – Carpets will be groomed with counter-rotating brush to lift piles and improve appearance
  • Step 9: Post Inspection - Together we will evaluate the cleaning results to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

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